Back in 2007, I began work on the Arthur Marks titles for MPI Media Group. Those films included LINDA LOVELACE FOR PRESIDENT, THE CENTERFOLD GIRLS and BONNIE’S KIDS.  Finally, the remaining titles from Marks’ General Film Corp will be released on DVD + Blu-ray: THE ROOMMATES and A WOMAN FOR ALL MEN. I’m particularly happy to finally share the final interview actress Roberta Collins gave before she passed away. It was shot during a difficult time for Bobbi, following the death of her son. She wanted to do the interview for him, calling him “her biggest supporter”.


I worked hard to make her feel comfortable and to put her mind at ease during the session. I’ll always remember the time we spent together, leading up to the interview and a few times after, with great fondness. Bobbi was a vivacious spirit. Her role in THE ROOMMATES is a prime example of what made her the Joan Blondell of drive-in movie screens. I dedicated the final piece to her memory and I hope fans will enjoy the candid interview. THE ROOMMATES/A WOMAN FOR ALL MEN streets on March 24th.




Bonus Features include:

* Audio Commentary on THE ROOMMATES with Arthur Marks, moderated by Elijah Drenner

* Roommates Wanted: making-of featurtte with Arthur Marks and Roberta Collins

* A Certain Kind of Woman: making-of featurette with Arthur Marks and Judy Brown

* Trailers and TV Spots for A WOMAN FOR ALL MEN